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With this ignition switch you can safely switch off the petrol engine with your remote control. The switch is a fiber optic decoupling to isolate the ignition from the remote control - so there can be no interference.
features * Bright LED light-emitting diode indicates when the ignition is switched on
* Glass fiber optocoupler for input / output
* Microprocessor-controlled
* Suitable for LiPo, Li-ion, A123, Ni-Mh, Ni-Cd up to 16V
* Voltage input up to 20 volts, 16 amps, MosFet output
* Low voltage up to 3 volts 3 ampere output
* Low voltage drop - Less than 150mV
* Weight: 8g
* Dimensions: 35 x 17 x 7mm

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