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Victor Maxi Twin Steam Engine Horizontal Boiler


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Victor Maxi Twin Steamm. horizontal boiler cpl.

Steam Engine Victor Maxi Twin with horizontal boiler and exhaust steam condenser
The steam engine Victor Maxi Twin is the ideal version for ships with two-screw propulsion. With this system, two machines are supplied with steam by a boiler, but they are controlled completely independently, which makes very interesting and true-to-original driving manoeuvres possible. It is available as a horizontal boiler variant and easily powers ship models weighing up to 20 kg.

The machines and boiler plants are completely assembled and painted, which helps to deliver the plants carefully checked and adjusted. The scope of supply includes the machine with adjustable oiler and reversing valve for forward/reverse and speed, the boiler with safety valve, water level indicator, manometer and steam shut-off valve, the chimney with exhaust pipe, the gas burner with line and the exhaust steam condenser as well as the cladding strips for the boiler cladding.

Necessary accessories:
Article no.
22314 Gas tank
60105 Gas cartridge propane/butane
22316 Gas filling adapter

Useful addition
Article no.
60100 Steam engine oil 50 ml
Normal machinery or bicycle oil is unsuitable for steam engines due to heat development. Therefore, only use superheated steam oil for steam engines.

Technical data Victor Maxi Twin
Length of boiler base plate 275 mm
Total width of boiler 190 - 250 mm
Boiler - 105 mm
Boiler height 145 mm
Overall height 270 mm
Weight 3800 g
Shaft- 4 mm
Shaft height 12 mm
Shaft distance 50 - 110 mm