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OA-Composites NRJ F5K Electric + KST X08H Servo set color # B white / orange 1490mm


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Description 'OA-Composites NRJ F5K Electric + KST X08H Servo Set Color # B White / Orange'
From the well-known and very successful competition model “NRJ” the electric model “NRJ Electric F5K” was developed for the competition class F5K. Like the pure sailor version, the electric model also offers manufacturing methods at the highest level. This is the only way to achieve an incomparably low weight with high strength at the same time. The flight performance is hardly inferior to that of the glider version, but it offers a wider range of uses if there are no thermals or updrafts. The fuselage is minimalist in terms of dimensions and requires a certain amount of dexterity when assembling the components. Once this small hurdle has been mastered, nothing stands in the way of the flight enjoyment of this upper-class model.

Technical specifications
Span (mm): 1490
All-up weight approx. (G): 250-400
Steering: H, S, Q, M
Manufacturer: OA-COMPOSITES
Hull: CFRP
Surfaces: CFRP
Recommended battery: 3S / 300 - 2S / 400mAh LiXX
Length (mm): 964
Recommended motor: Ro-Power Torque 2315 / xx
Profile: NRJ / FBCB 6.1% -5.1%
Flight experience: Advanced
Construction experience: Advanced
Drive type: Electric

Scope of delivery
Model 'NRJ' F5K in modern shell construction
Small parts such as linkages, rods, etc.
printed assembly instructions in German
4 pcs.KST X08H servos

The product NRJ F5K Electric + KST X08H Servosset from OA-Composites in the category electric gliders has a wingspan of 1490 and a weight of 250-400. The model is controlled via the functions H, S, Q, M. The model is designed as ARF - ALMOST READY TO FLY. We recommend a 3S / 300 - 2S / 400mAh LiXX battery for this electric flight model.

* Explanation of control functions:
H ... elevator
S ... rudder
Q ... ailerons
M ... engine control
V ... vector control
LK ... flaps
SK ... spoilers
WK ... flaps
EZFW ... retractable landing gear
SKU ... tow release
() ... optional - control functions written in brackets are optionally available for the model described