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The Inferno GT3 is based on the mechanical basis of the MP9 and allows you to claim victory in GT8 competition.

This brand new generation of Inferno GT is therefore based on the MP9, the quality and reliability of which are known throughout the world. Kyosho has developed
this Inferno GT3 to meet the growing craze of the GT8 category. The chassis and the suspensions are specific and allow the GT3 to offer
a chassis designed for the world of competition.
New short shock absorbers, new shock absorber supports, a two-speed gearbox are standard equipment for this GT3.
The Inferno GT3 benefits from the triangulation of the MP9 and its multiple settings which allow it to adapt to all track conditions with great precision.

Competition MP9 chassis.

Lowered shock absorber support.

Velvet treated big bore shocks

New bumper.

New, wider body supports for better body support. However, an intermediate position allows the old positions to be used with the drill holes of the GT2 range bodies. A front central support makes it possible to reinforce the support of the bodywork and thus to better distribute the aerodynamic force.

New tank with hose passes.

New AV and ARR homokinetic gimbals

The MP9 s smaller differentials help lower the center of gravity.

MP9 brake discs and pads

Technical specifications

* Length: 537mm
* Width: 310mm
* Height: 116mm without body brackets and without engine
* Wheelbase: 359mm
* Track: 262mm / 266mm * Gear Ratio: 1st 10.14: 1 2nd 7.90: 1

Kit contains:
* Chassis
* Wheels
* Instruction manual
* Stickers
* Allen keys 1.5mm / 2.0mm / 2.5mm / 3.0mm
* Cross key

Starter kit

* Radio 2ch TX / RX (2 servos)
* Bodywork and paint
* Engine (class .21 -.28) and with exhaust line
* Spark plug heater,
Starter bench with tools
* Tools
* Tires
* Oil silicone for shock absorbers and differentials *