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Motor Electric A60-7M V4 28-pole FesEx kv205


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Product description and features

The A60-7M FesEx is perfect for large glider models of up to approx. 20 kg and 10S or 12S drive batteries.

Accessories: FesEx-Uni8 system

Thanks to its special shaft, the motor can be equipped with the FesEx-Uni8 system (see Accessories tab) without any further changes. The propeller can then be removed at the push of a button, the model remains a fully fledged glider. The change from a self-launching Fes model to a pure sailor succeeds in seconds.


PropellerDrive batteryVoltage [V]Current [A]Speed ​​[RPM]Power [W]
RFM 20x1310S386466362432
RFM 18.5x1212S465283812392

scope of delivery

1 A60-7M V4 28-pole FesEx kv205, 1 mounting cross and 4 screws.

Technical specifications
Number of poles28
Revolutions / volt [Kv]205
Open circuit current (I0) at 8.4V [A]1.5
Internal resistance (Ri) [ohms]0.023
Recommended timing [°]20-25
Dimensions and weights
Weight [g]740
Length [mm]72.8
Diameter [mm]60