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Variator MasterMezon 120 lite


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Product description and features

- lite = lower weight, shorter design, no full aluminum housing
- compact dimensions
- light metal housing -
real-time emetry JETI Duplex EX (perfect for JETI DC / DS transmitters and JETI BoxProfi)
- telemetry data: battery + BEC voltage, battery + BEC current, used battery capacity, speed, PWM, temperature of the controller
- powerful BEC
- BEC operation with a wide input voltage range and adjustable output voltage
- data recording
- new method for speed control
- higher efficiency
- firmware upgrade possible
- wirelessly programmable via DC / DS
- with JETI Programmable box
- Operating modes: flight, helicopter, ship
- Intelligent protection mechanism
- active freewheel
- wide range of adjustable parameters
Technical specifications:
Continuous current: 120A
Voltage range: 5 - 35V
LiPo: 2-8 cells
LiFe: 2-9 cells 
BEC current: 10A continuous / 15A short-term
BEC voltage: 5 - 8V
Dimensions: 36x18x90mm
Weight: 137gr.