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Variator MasterBasic 90 OPTO


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The Master Basic series offers all basic functions, such as "AUTO timing" and the direct input of the cut-off / cut-off voltage for most model types. The Master Basic can be programmed using the JETI Box or the throttle stick.
They are perfect for 3D models, aerobatics and e-glider models. They also offer a simple heli mode with speed control.
- Our controllers with optocouplers can also be used on receiving systems with 2S Lipo supply.
Technical specifications:
Operating voltage / number of cells: 14-36NC / 4-12 LiPo / 12-50V
Dimensions: 75 x 55 x 17 mm (without cable)
Internal resistance (mOhm): 2 x 1.1
Switching BEC: No, optocoupler
Heli mode can be activated: YES
Weight: 112g
current duration (2.2Ah batt.): 90 *
FETs: 48
programmable: yes (Jeti Box + with throttle stick)
max. Field revolutions: 210,000
* with good cooling and ambient temperature below 20 ° C