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On Board Glow System Ver maior

On Board Glow System


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Version with 90 ° spark plug connector, suitable for all glow plugs (also OS)

Glow Power is a glow plug heater for methanol engines, also known as glowing. The voltage output takes place in the starting phase of the motor at 1.4V and then stabilizes at 0.8V during the run. The glow plug heating can either be operated via the receiver or manually using the separate push button included with the unit, including status lighting.

The Glow Power glow plug heater can be connected or operated in different ways:

1. Directly via the receiver or receiverpower supply
2. Via the receiver and additional battery
3. Without receiver with push button (included), additional battery

Product features
* Easy engine start
* Reliable, smooth engine running even at low speeds
* Better gas response behavior
* Nitromethane content in the fuel can be reduced

Technical data
Input voltage = 7.4 - 12.6V
Output voltage = 1.4V - 0.8V
Glow time = approx. 120min (1800mAh - 7, 4V LiPo battery)
Dimensions: 42 x 20 x 6 mm
Weight = 22g (including cable)